Who Is a Federal Dependent?  

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By Anna von Reitz
I get lots of questions from retirees especially who are concerned that they might be considered “Federal Dependents” because they receive a check from the Federal Government.  
Simply receiving a check from the Federal Government every month does not make you a Federal Dependent.  
Those who are receiving money from the Government who did not “vest” in the Social Security Program may be considered Federal Dependents, but the vast majority of people who did work and contribute ten years or more to FICA have “vested interests” based on their earnings and contributions.  For them, it isn’t “welfare benefits” — it’s earnings dividends, and while they are “benefited” by the program, they are not in receipt of “welfare benefits” from it.  
Social Security was set up as a pension program for Federal Workers, and most of us were not ever strictly speaking eligible to participate in it, nor were we required to.  Like so much else, we were deliberately misled and misinformed by self-interested federal subcontractors.  
The correct information we should have been given as teenagers would have been, “You need a Social Security Number if you are going to work for the government.”  Most of us never went to work for the government and had no intention of working for the government, but we enrolled in error, were never informed of the truth, and have been victimized and taxed accordingly.  
Over time, the use and misuse of Social Security Numbers as a means to track and organize and tax and make False Presumptions about the political status of Americans became ubiquitous and universal, to such an extent that it has become difficult for people to live in this country without a Social Security Number.  
In fact, having a Social Security Number or not having one, does not prove anything about your political status.  
This is because a preponderance of people who have Social Security Numbers don’t work for the Federal Government, so if anything, the possession of a Social Security Number is more likely evidence that you are employed by the private sector and got suckered into misidentifying and taxing yourself to pay for an undesirable and unaccountable Federal pension program.  
We were all railroaded into paying FICA taxes and enrolled in a foreign government’s workers’ pension program under color of law.   We and our private sector employers were told that we “had to” when in fact we didn’t have to participate in Social Security.   Our Federal Employees lied to us, and because they represented our government (as subcontractors) we believed them.  
These and many other topics are ripe for public discussion, now that our actual American Government is back in Session.  Our Federal Subcontractors have been leading us all a wild chase since the 1930’s and have been operating in ways detrimental to our Public Interest, but nonetheless profitable for them.  
Instead of Federal Workers contributing to their own pension program (like the rest of us who contributed to private pension plans) they had hundreds of millions of Americans contributing 7.5% of their gross earnings to their Federal Pension Plan, plus an equal amount was being extracted from the non-Federal Workers Employers — and all of it was going to benefit them and their “Social Security”.  
The vast Federal Pension Funds thus purloined from the General Public were then used as investment capital and siphoned off by the endlessly duplicitous Territorial U.S. Congress and the outright crooked Municipal United States Congress.  
Hundreds of millions of Americans and American Employers have been bilked by “Social Security” —- and believe me, this issue is one of the Hot Button Issues we have with the Territorial and Municipal Congress Members. They’ve made such an incredible wreck of things for their Employers that the Principals of their corporations are being called to task for it. 
Fortunately, every dime extracted by the Social Security Program since its inception can be accounted for and our Pensioners stand at the head of the line as the Preferential Creditors.