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By Anna von Reitz

Our Federal Subcontractors are required by their constitutions to operate exclusively on credit, and we, the people and States of the Union, are required to pay our debts in gold and silver.It was set up that way to ensure that we are the Preferential Creditors of our Employees.And so we are.However, the British Monarch, the various Popes since 1860, and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London could not resist the temptation offered by the so-called Civil War, to defraud and misrepresent the Americans and the actual American Government.They set up a system by which — according to them — all our physical assets are held in trust by them “for” us, and also in which they, acting as the Presumed Trustees, have the right to distribute our assets and the obligation to invest them.All without our knowledge or agreement.So the Americans owe the British and HRE Municipal Federal Subcontractors for the governmental services we contracted to receive from them under our Constitutional Agreements, but we are prevented from paying them and from having access to our own assets by the same self-interested and self-appointed foreign Trustees.This makes it appear that we are in debt to them, when in fact they are in debt to us for purloining our assets and using our assets as collateral backing their debts.It’s like standing on your own Big Toe and complaining that you can’t move.They have not only commandeered our physical assets and improperly assumed a custodial interest in them, they have stolen our credit and improperly exercised it for their own benefit, using the lame excuse that they don’t know who we are or where our American Government went.According to them, we all just sailed over the horizon, never to be seen again. The self-interested foreign commercial corporations operated by the Queen, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor have promoted a scheme to have each one of us declared legally dead, and have plundered and pilfered our estate assets ever since.Instead of acting in good faith as required by our international treaties with these foreign Principals, and also by the Federal Constitutions that created these Service Providers, the perpetrators have left the General Public of America uninformed, which is the same as Failure to Notify their Employers —and then used that same failure to justify defrauding their Employers in Breach of Trust, hypothecate debt against their Employers, steal their Employer’s credit, and control their Employer’s physical assets.We have arrived back from whatever mental vacation we went on to find our country hijacked into a completely foreign jurisdiction and ourselves being human trafficked by the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor. They have acted in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their commercial service agreements, their treaties, and our constitutions—-and via abuse of our credit and the banking system, they have amassed the most stupendous mountain of Odious Debt in history while operating “in our names” and impersonating us.When faced with this fact, their proposed answer is to: (1) issue an imaginary digital currency based on nothing but recordkeeping of non-existent “virtual dollars”, (2) turn their private debt collection agency, the “IRS”, into an illegal mercenary force ready to rampage around and terrorize our peaceful civilian population, and (3) engage in surreptitiously buying and destroying the Central Banks of entire countries, using our purloined credit to do it.This craziness and criminality has to end.The entire world community is called upon to recognize how this evil has insinuated itself and eaten away at our lawful governments and institutions until a lawless surveillance state has come into being on a worldwide basis and has proposed to oppress and enslave us in the name of protecting us.The actual American Government has issued an International Notice of Distraint, putting these foreign “service” corporations and their officers, employees, dependents, and FRANCHISES on Notice that their own assets and persons are seized under the Public Law of this country and they will be held individually liable for their actions.If that isn’t enough to put the fear of God in them, it should be.