Why the Great Reset aka New World Legal Order Must Be Tanked

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By Anna von Reitz

A “reset” in Scottish Admiralty Law — where all this rot got started, has nothing to do with rebooting society.  It has to do with amnesty for pirates, and in this case, the pirates are giant corporations.  
The article linked below shows you the history and the mechanisms and “issues” being employed to accomplish the ends desired by the guilty corporations to attain their ends. 
It’s up to all of you to wake up and take concerted action to defeat them.  
Acting as actual Americans operating your own Government allows you to collapse these corporations and liquidate their assets, but if you allow them to continue the game of mistaking your identity as that of a British Foreign Situs Trust, you will be their prey forever. 
If you let their courts continue to make your decisions for you, guess who always loses?  
First, go read this short article so you get the drift of their plan to eradicate your freedom and property rights: https://newswithviews.com/will-you-submit-to-the-plandemic-partners-or-stop-them/
Second, go to www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and build back your own courts. 
Once your courts are operational, their courts have to leave you alone.  By law and contract. 
So take the power back and kick their rumps out of your jurisdiction and out of your lives.