WHY the January 6th Protesters Can Expect No Mercy and What Their Friends Should Do 

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By Anna von Reitz

I am being bombarded with terror-stricken letters from friends and family of January 6th Protesters who are frightened and bewildered by the ill-treatment their loved ones are suffering in the Gulag of Washington, DC.
It’s called dirty politics combined with seemingly hopeless ignorance. 
The dirty politics is being provided by the Democrats, who are little better than street thugs. 
The ignorance is being supplied by people who never actually read the Constitutions. 
Better late than never.  Pull up Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, providing for a plenary government for Washington, DC, and allowing Congress to have “exclusive legislative” authority over this particular Seat of Government.  
The Congress is the government of Washington, DC.  They are a plenary government, meaning that they do not have to abide by any Constitution within the confines of Washington, DC.  Whatever they say, goes. 
And Nancy Pelosi, reigning Wicked Witch of the West, says — “Let those Trump Supporters Burn in Hell!” —- but at least, at long last, the Roman Catholic Church caught up with her and has denied her Communion in answer to her endless pushing of abortion.  
The protesters can’t expect any mercy from the courts, because they made assumptions about the goodness and justice of their government, never realizing that THING squatting like a pimple on the Eastern Coast of this country, isn’t their government.  
They thought that the Constitutions apply in their nation’s Capitol.  They thought that their right to protest and be heard would be respected.  They never thought they were doing anything wrong or against the law by going there and chanting and waving signs.  Generations of Americans have done the same. 
But this time was different.  This time Nasty Nancy and the Obummer Gang are in charge and they are playing real political hardball reminiscent of Josef Stalin: bloody chains and gruel. 
So here are all these innocent people being institutionally tortured and accused of all sorts of things they didn’t do, and being treated worse than serial killers.  And it’s all nothing but filthy politics.  And Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17. 
The first thing to do is to fire all the attorneys representing these folks, because they are useless in a case like this.  They are just flocking like flies on roadkill, sucking whatever blood they can out of the victims and their families.  So give it up.  Fire them all.  Immediately.  Save your money and pool it together to pay for ads and posters.  
Ads and posters?  Yes.  Political abuses call for political action.  The members of Congress are responsible for this witch hunt and the terrible abuse these innocent Americans are suffering.
Expose the Republicans hiding in their dens.
Expose the ruthless, lying, vicious Democrats trying to make hay off of this. 
Congress could simply forgive the Protesters and should.  No great harm was done. 
It’s the Congress prosecuting them, martyring them, betraying every ideal of America. 
And most of all, expose Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 so that no one else suffers like this. 
Back when that Clause was written the Congress was filled with honorable, educated, intelligent and trustworthy Fiduciary Deputies who were held accountable to the people of this country. 
Now, the phony baloney Corporate Congress is filled with dilettantes and corporate big wigs with axes to grind and no accountability, because they are there as “Representatives” — not at all what our Forefathers mandated and planned for. 
Check Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 as one of the things to be repealed and removed by Amendment.