Why Would Anyone Fear “The Public”?

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By Anna Von Reitz

We don’t need to fear the Public. We are the Public.

Do we fear ourselves?

Maybe so. The Hebrew word “fear” means to “know and understand”. Perhaps in the years — decades — that we have struggled to figure out what has been wrong with our country since the 1860’s, we have also come to know more about ourselves.

For certain Parties, especially for the Principals responsible for this giant debacle, and their minions who created it, this is a time of panic as many come to a realize what they have been involved in.

For many attorneys it’s like waking up in Kansas after living in the Land of Oz all their lives.

As recently as this week I have been attacked by some of these clueless wonders, claiming that I “threatened them” and caused them to “be afraid” as a result of suggesting that all Bar Members be deported.

Notice I didn’t say all lawyers or even all attorneys — but willful members of the Bar Association.

The irony is that I was making the argument for a form of amnesty based on their foreign (British Territorial) political status, that would allow us all to forego the necessity of executing over two million people, because the actual penalty for what they have done is death.

Death under the Public Law.
Death under United States Statutes at Large
Death under International Admiralty Law
Death under Martial Law
Death under The Hague Conventions
Death under The Geneva Conventions

Certainly, ignorance of the actual law in so many venues cannot be excused, especially ignorance on the part of Juris Doctors, who must be presumed to know the forms of law and the requirements of the law.

I was arguing to save their lives, and that scared them so much they brought suit against me for threatening them.

LOL. No good deed goes unpunished. And no irony is spared.

The members of the Bar Associations have been a critical element in overthrowing the Constitutions, evading their obligations under the Constitutions and denying the protections
and guarantees owed to the people of this country.

They haven’t even bothered to provide access to the remedies legalizing their actions, with the result that the underlying crimes are not legalized. If you publish remedy and then fail to provide access to it, you have not provided remedy.

And the underlying crime the remedy was supposed to address remains a crime.

What if I offer you a gold coin as recompense for stealing your bicycle and then fail to deliver the coin?

Is the damage repaired and the issue all settled?

Of course, not.

Under Admiralty Law it remains a theft with attached damages. Same for Martial Law.

Under Maritime Law it is called “an actionable avoidance” and a simple Notice of Avoidance puts the theft and injury back into play.

But the crimes engaged in by the Members of the Bar Associations are not as trivial as stealing a bicycle.

It absolutely stuns most of them to realize that they have been acting as part of an organized crime syndicate.

They don’t want hear that and their common response is adamant denial, but it is true, and has been true for a very long time.

They don’t know how their own pension plans are funded. They can’t explain a 96% conviction rate. When you ask them about the Constitution and their actions that violate its provisions they will tell you that the “Constitution doesn’t apply” —- but they don’t know and can’t explain the source of any overriding authority to void the Supremacy Clause or reasoning behind their supposition. Some will mumble about “the Fourteenth Amendment” and try to shuffle off into the bushes.

When you tell them there is no infant decedent estate, no UCC Contract Trust, and no bankrupt Public Transmitting Utility franchise they stare at you as if you are stark raving mad.
When you tell them you are not a Municipal citizen of the United States, they don’t know why you are telling them that, even if they admit that they are relying on the Fourteenth Amendment as their source of authority to do what they are doing.

They certainly don’t know that their “Fourteenth Amendment” is a By-Law Amendment to the charter of a bankrupt Scottish commercial corporation that has been defunct for over a hundred years.

I have been serving Notice and Due Process to attorneys since 2006. I am convinced that only one in a hundred actually knows what they are doing and that what they are doing is desperately wrong.

That means that we have about 20,000 (one percent of approximately two million attorneys in this country) who are competent to stand trial for the actual crimes they have committed—- but even 20,000 public executions would further scar this country with violence and pain.

20,000 deportations would make headlines, but it would not spill blood.

I am against spilling blood whenever possible. This isn’t because I am soft hearted or soft headed. It’s because the attorneys are guilty of property crimes. Very few of them have actual blood on their hands, and although they have caused much pain and suffering and injustice and have stolen this country blind, they haven’t killed anyone.

The loss of their worldly goods and reputation and permanent deportation from this country should be punishment enough.

My stance on this is also for another reason and it is simply this— there has been far too much misery and violence and theft and it has been ongoing for over 150 years. Why cherish any more of it?

Only love conquers hate. Only goodness overcomes in the end, and the people of this country are overwhelmingly good. That is what has enabled this country to stand through so much for so long.

The sooner we determine the fate of the guilty attorneys and the simpler we make their punishment, the sooner we can get on with our own lives.

I feel that a large part, by far the most of my time on Earth, has been spent dealing in one way or another with this Mess. I wanted to be a Mathematician, not a Lawyer, not a Historian, not a Writer. I feel in a sense that my life has been stolen from me by this situation, no less than those who have actually been imprisoned unjustly because of it.

I admit the loss and what might have been, just like millions of others who have been thrown off course, prevented by poverty and opposition from living their dreams and expressing their talents.

The sooner this debacle is over, addressed, faced, and finished for everyone concerned, the sooner we put this era of criminal oppression behind us. The mercy we show benefits us, it’s for our own good that we embrace it.

We can stop wasting our time on ugliness, violence, and blame—- and get on with living better, more secure, and more peaceful lives.

My Mother used to say you can’t fight with a skunk without smelling bad. Executing white collar criminals is like that. We stain ourselves when we kill them, because their crime is not a crime of blood.

No doubt there are many others who will disagree, who will wish to wash the streets with the blood of these guilty men and women, those who will want them executed and want to see the full vengeance of the Public Law.

But we are “the Public” here and now. We do not belong to the Law, the Public Law is our creation and it belongs to us.

If we decide to show mercy to these miserable criminals who have betrayed themselves and their own country and their own profession, if we also show mercy to ourselves by stopping all the violence and blood-letting, it is our right to do so.

The Deportation Option already exists. I say we take it.