Yes, Even the ASVLP/ASBLP Accounts Are Connected

By Anna von Reitz

Public and International Inquiry
The Heir and Administrator of all World Trust Assets is Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary for The United States of America; the Heir and Administrator of all Code FLAT assets is Demetrios Julius Shiva, now an American State National living in South Carolina.
There is no doubt that these facts have been established prior to this and we have no idea why the ICC has attempted to adjudicate anything about these funds without Notice being provided to the Principals and Heirs and Lawful Administrators.
This is a profound issue of miscarriage of justice against the Public Records of numerous institutions and courts worldwide, as well as our private records and receipts.
Only today we have learned that the ICC has styled itself administrator of funds belonging to us and which should rightfully be under our administration.
We hereby fully inform the Court that we are alive and well and competent to administer our own affairs, and have been so throughout the several decades during which the Court has presumed an interest and a jurisdiction related to us, when in fact, as Americans, we have not been under the Court’s jurisdiction at all.
For the Record, Ferdinand Marcos acted as a Private Attorney for Severino Sta Romana (acting under his numerous identities) who in turn acted as an Agent for the D’Avila Family Trust.
Marcos had no authority or position authorizing him to distribute funds from the D’Avila Family Trust in his own self-interest or the self-interest of his family members.
Marcos in his capacity as President of the Philippines also acted as Trustee/Government of the Philippines to administer assets belonging to our country and which are properly under the Administration of our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.
Furthermore, the St. Germain Trust belongs to the lawful Heirs of St. Germain and for the betterment first and foremost of the Principal Beneficiary, which is also our Federation of States, and secondarily, the other nations of the world.
All of these trusts share a common indenture and Will, which can be summed up most succinctly by the indenture of the D’Avila Family Trust: “to break the chains of poverty and ignorance” in America and throughout the world.
The Vatican Chancery Court determined that we have standing; the Supreme Court of Spain has established the standing and rights of the D’Avila Heirs, the Supreme Court of the Philippines and the Central Bank of the Philippines have prior-adjudicated these issues, the records of the United States Congress affirm these facts, the Federal District Court has adjudicated these issues in our favor, and frankly, we don’t know who or what “The Royal Office of the Holy Redeemer” might be, but we are more than prepared to require a re-examination of the Court’s authority and it’s findings in favor of this individual.
All ASVLP/ASBLP funds tied to the Code FLAT assets are under our Administration. All Odd Numbered Master Accounts, 111, 333, 555, 777, and 999 are under our Administration. All Even Numbered Accounts not attached to our assets through the ASVLP/ASBLP programs are from labor and securitization of flesh, both of which are illegal source assets in the modern world— and hence, must be returned to the victims of these crimes against their persons and against Humanity.
It is possible that the Court’s actions with respect to the so-called “Royal Office of the Holy Redeemer” address these foregoing unlawfully and illegally-sourced assets attributed to Even-Numbered Master Accounts: 222, 444, 666, and 888, and to unrelated patent and certificate interests and that there has been an adjudication related to them that we are unaware of, but we hereby protest any Presumption of the Court that our Accounts are tainted by any illegal assets, or subject to any obstruction or sanction, are “abandoned funds” or funds available to be administered by any “Royal Office of the Holy Redeemer”.
We require an explanation of what is going on here and why?
If our assets were to be impacted in any way, why were we not contacted and given Notice and opportunity to present our authorities and records and prior court decisions and valid claim to own and control our own private trust assets?
These are obvious miscarriages of both Due Process and Justice, involving the mischaracterization of Americans and the American Government, as well as crimes of personage seeking to redefine living people and their property interests as Cestui Que Vie Public Trusts, and to misrepresent the living people as voluntary decedents despite the obvious fact of their rebuttals on the Public Records of five continents and their concerns freely expressed to the High Courts for the past thirty-plus years.
The assets accrued by our Family Trusts are supposed to be used for the good and edification of Mankind, not to promote crimes of evil and control against Mankind. And we are to be the Administrators of the Funds, not unknown, unauthorized, unrelated bureaucrats.
The assets accrued by our Family Trusts are supposed to be administered by us under our Lawful Government and under the Public Law, and as land assets, are not subject to Maritime or Admiralty Court consideration.
Please respond with a succinct reply answering the following questions:
(1) Has the ICC addressed ASVLP/ASBLP Accounts or Master Accounts belonging to The United States of America, Saint Germain Trust, D’Avila Family Trust, or our other Heritage and Legacy Accounts?
(2) If so, why were we not fully informed and given Due Notice concerning the proceedings?
(3) As we are Land Jurisdiction Principals and these are Land Jurisdiction assets, why is it not self-evident that we are the Lawful Owners owed the return and reversionary trust interest?
(4) Who or what is the “Royal Office of the Holy Redeemer” and by what authority is this clearinghouse acting?
(5) Where are the public records related to these adjudications?
(6) Is the ICC presuming authority over our Family Trust assets? If so, on what possible basis?
(7) Is the ICC presuming that the Odd Numbered Master Accounts are affected by the Even Numbered Accounts?
(8 ) Is the ICC unaware of the ownership of these prior-adjudicated asset interests?
(9) Is the ICC blocking our access to our physical assets under the False Presumption that we were “lost at sea” or “absent” or that our government was “in interregnum”?
We need to come to an understanding regarding the ICC’s role and authority (or lack of granted jurisdiction) related to our country and our people and all assets naturally belonging to our people, including derivate assets.
There must also be a recognition on a worldwide basis that we have all, or nearly all, been the victims of a confidence racket promoted by commercial corporations operating under color of law, and that most of the world’s population has been human trafficked into the foreign international and global jurisdictions under conditions of fraud and deceit.
The controlling laws of Roman Civil Law and Maritime law both provide — in the first case, once fraud has been discovered, all results are null and void, and in the second, that possession by pirates does not change ownership of material assets.
Please return service as soon as possible.


Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652 usa