Your Public Employees or My Public Employees?

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By Anna von Reitz

Those who have been following along with recent discussions now know that there are three different populations present in this country, two “foreign” populations of Americans, one group that adopted British Territorial Citizenship, and one that adopted Catholic Municipal citizenship —- plus one population of plain old-fashioned Americans who stand as Americans. 
And each of these politically different populations can be regarded as the “public” within the context of their group.  
There’s my public employees, who are all peacekeepers and Americans and enabled to enforce the Public Law including the Constitutions.  
Then there are U.S. Citizen “public”employees, who are For-Hire private security personnel aka “Pinkertons” and Hired Jurists working for British Commercial Corporations.  All that they can enforce are their own “State of State” Statutes against their own elected officials, officers, employees and dependents. 
And then, there are THEIR “public” employees, who are all Municipal EMPLOYEES, who are also private security personnel and hired JURISTS working for Municipal CORPORATIONS. All that they can enforce are their own “STATE” codes, rules, and regulations against their own elected OFFICIALS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, and DEPENDENTS. 
I don’t know how many people have heard this as yet, but the White Collar Criminals known as  Your (British Territorial) Public Employees are trying to flip everything on its head again. 
For-hire private security personnel aka “Pinkertons” acting as Law Enforcement Officers are misrepresenting themselves as peacekeepers and as actual County Sheriffs.  
Courts are coming up with all sorts of new mixed names for themselves  like “DISTRICT/State of Idaho Superior Court” that represent commingling of separate jurisdictions– apparently trying to baffle everyone with BS.  
These foreign corporations are then issuing Impound Orders as Warrants and by impersonating living Americans as Municipal CORPORATIONS, are illegally enforcing CORPORATION BILLS OF ATTAINDER using “Writs”. 
These are made to look like Common Law Writs in the same way the Maritime Impound Orders are being made to look like lawful Warrants.  
The only kind of “Writ” these courts can issue are issued under Military Common Law, and neither they nor their Officers have any authority for any of this.  They are acting in insurrection and conspiracy against this country, against our Constitutions. and against our people. 
And they are so blissfully ignorant, that they don’t know that they are doing anything wrong. 
This past week a gang of armed thugs pretending to be County Sheriffs and Sheriffs’ Detectives (Get a clue, folks, Genuine Sheriffs have Deputies, not Detectives.) attacked the Washington Assembly Coordinator, Teri Sahm.  Eight of them illegally entered her property in disregard of clearly posted “No Trespassing Signs” and proceeded to break into her house and “evict” her, assaulting and terrorizing her and damaging her property in the process.  
These are not our American Sheriffs.  These are not our American Justices or Judges.  They aren’t operating under our American Common Law.  And they have absolutely no right to even address us, much less assault us and bring false claims against our assets. 
All this is being promoted by Hired Jurists working as Undeclared Foreign Agents for foreign commercial corporations. They are engaged in illegal and unlawful pillaging and racketeering at the direction of commercial banks that are operating as conspiratorial crime syndicates.  
All their pointy-headed politicians need to have the Truth pounded into their heads and the actual CORPORATIONS subject to BILLS OF ATTAINDER — the commercial banks responsible for this — and their Officers and Boards of Directors, are the ones that need to be arrested by the Provost Marshals without further ado.  
Meantime, the United States Attorneys who so proudly claim that they work to defend the United States Government, are just waking up to the fact that they are responsible for defending our United States Land Patents— and also responsible for arresting these “Sheriffs” and their “Detectives” and the “Judges” and “Prosecutors” that trespass against United States Land Patent-Holders like Teri Sahm. 
I know that all our hearts go out to Teri.  Mine certainly does.  Her bravery in the face of this criminal assault and her determination to stand the test speaks for itself.  She and The Washington Jural Assembly are bringing the Indictment and claim for damages forward to the Provost Marshal’s Office and to the United States Attorney to compel them to do their jobs and arrest these thugs.  
You can send your love, prayers, and financial support to Teri at: 
Teri Sahm
In care of: PO Box 387
Fall City, Washington
          Postal Code 98024. 
A similar situation exists with respect to Ken Dost and his family in Oregon, who were similarly attacked out of the blue and “evicted” by “Sheriff’s Detectives” — an Office that does not exist in our government — after all mortgage claims against them and their home had been settled and satisfied and signed off in Oregon.  
Goes to show the criminal, ruthless, unaccountable, and out of control status of these groups of mercenaries that are roaming our streets and pretending to be “our” government.  
Send your love, prayers, and financial support to Ken and his family in care of me: 
Anna Maria Riezinger
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 
            Postal Code 99652 
Close ranks and spread the word.  Let your friends and neighbors know what is going on and take action now to put an end to it.