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By Anna von Reitz

There are two kinds of cops — public peacekeepers and private law enforcement officers– that is, private security personnel hired by corporations to protect their business interests.  We call the first class of elected public officers peacekeepers. Their purpose is to keep the peace and protect the people and property of a community.   County Sheriffs are the most common public peacekeeping officers in this country, and their paid or volunteer assistants are known as Deputies.  Unfortunately, as many County Governments  were quietly converted into commercial corporation franchises in the 1960’s, the public offices of our honorable County Sheriffs were unlawfully converted into private corporate offices instead.  Their offices went from being American public peacekeeping offices to being private law enforcement positions obligated to serve foreign corporations—not the American Public. The Sheriffs themselves went from being considered “Law Men” to being “Human Resources” and none of this was explained to any of them.   This change from Marion County to Marion County, Incorporated, was virtually invisible and in most places, it went unnoticed, but it meant that the County Sheriffs went from being the highest ranking Officers of the Law in each County to being the lowest men on the totem pole in a private Law Enforcement hierarchy that was intent on enforcing  Statutes, Codes, Rules, and Regulations instead of the Public Law.  This sudden sleight-of-hand conversion and the complete shift of duties and concerns away from the best interests of the public to the best interests of the corporations employing these newly redefined “Sheriffs” caused no end of consternation.   The sudden and self-evident disrespect of Constitutional Guarantees drew attention and led to the landmark Supreme Court case Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc. — with USA, Inc., being the foreign parent corporation of the Plaintiff’s redefined “County, Incorporated”. The upshot of Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc. was that as the employer could not dictate away the Public Duty each man owed to his country and community, it would be left to the Sheriff’s personal discretion whether or not to uphold the Constitutional Guarantees owed to the people in his community. Likewise it would be left to his discretion whether or not he would, for example, defend them from murderers or thieves.  That was no longer his job as “Sheriff” according to the corporation employing him, no matter what the people on the street — the ones actually paying for his services — assumed.  Instead, his job was to make money for the corporation and protect the corporation’s interests at the expense of the people actually paying his salary and benefits.  You can well imagine the cognitive dissonance that this caused, both for the men who continued to call themselves “Sheriffs” though they had in fact been unlawfully converted into “Constables” and for the people in their communities, who could no longer count on “their” Sheriff being friendly, respectful, or willing to protect them.  The United States Attorney General’s Office shed some light on this confusion in a series of decisions published as  57 Opinions of the Attorney General 614 (1972), and 60 Opinions of the Attorney General 647, 652-653 (1975), in which it was clearly stated that “Under the common law the duty to attend the justices and magistrates courts lay with the constable rather than with the sheriff.”  In other words, all these “District Courts” whether Municipal Districts (Magistrate Courts) or Territorial Districts (State of State franchise courts) are supposed to receive their security and enforcement from a Constable.    A Constable?  We don’t have Constables in this country, or do we?   Our Sheriff’s Offices were unlawfully converted into foreign Constable offices when the County Governments incorporated themselves, but nobody told us and nobody told them.  So we have British Constables roaming our streets, but they are calling themselves “Sheriffs” just the same.  This deceit keeps the American People in the dark, confused about why their expectations related to their Sheriffs are no longer being met by foreign corporation Constables masquerading as Sheriffs.  Just recently I was treated to another tear in the web of deceit surrounding the nature of these foreign “Sheriffs” when one of them brutally attacked and evicted one of our people without cause or warning. This armed “Sheriff” came with no less than seven “Sheriff’s Detectives” to man-handle a single elderly woman and her cat.  Since when have we ever had “Sheriff’s Detectives”?  No such office exists in our government, but…. there are Pinkerton Detectives.  Remember? The railroads and coal mines hired these British thugs to bust the Unions.  Nothing has changed.  These corporate Pukes calling themselves “Sheriffs” aren’t our Sheriffs.  They have no Public Office. By rights, they should be arrested for impersonating a Sheriff, but the rest of us have to get off the couch and accept our Public Duty to do that, and have enough people standing with us in the Public Interest to make it stick.   Every time I think about these foreign corporate marauders swaggering around our streets with guns on their hips pretending to be our Law Officers, our Sheriffs, our Deputies that we pay to defend us and our property —- I turn ten shades of red, and no, I am not blushing. I’m angry to the bone.  I am angry with the politicians who allowed such a situation to ever develop.   I am angry with the bovine stupidity and complacency of the people who have made careers as “Sheriffs” without caring that they are committing crimes.  Most of these phony “Sheriffs” wouldn’t know their Public Duty if it bit them in the buttocks, and even if it did, they wouldn’t care.  When these thugs who have no Public Office related to our country broke down my friend’s door and started trashing her home, she told them to cease and desist.  She explained why they had no business trespassing on her land.  She told them that they were committing crimes.   They laughed.  They thought it was a big joke.  Oh, ha-ha, we’re going to throw this old woman out on the street and make a lot of money for the bank.  La-dee-dah.  We’ve got attorneys to protect us.  We’re the gubmint….  


No, they aren’t.  They are for-hire commercial mercenaries without any American Public Office of any kind, and those attorneys they depend on are just more lawless hypocrites.